Tuesday, December 15, 2009

HALLOWEEN (posted super late again:)

We had a fun Halloween. There was a ton of different parties going on throughout that week. One at the church, at Parker's school and at our clubhouse. The party at the clubhouse was on Halloween. They had dinner, games and a costume judging contest. Ellie won for best girl costume (she was a kitty cat). Parker won for best boy costume (he was a pirate). Livi Lou was also a kitty cat. In the pics there is a really cute fairy witch. That is our friend Clint and all I can say is, his costume was awesome. He is 6'7, so it was pretty funny to see him dressed like that. Everybody thought he was probably the highlight of the evening.

Paul made Parker's beard out of burnt toast.


paulandnichole said...

So so so so cute!!! We didn't have any parties to go to. Benson only was able to dress us for trick or treating :( Such a big girl to be doing posts all by yourself :)

Cate and Kory said...

How CUTE!!! I love it! :) I miss you guys!!!

Jared and Brynne Higley said...

How fun!! You all look SO cute...great costumes!! So weird to see Justin and Kendall in your pictures...such a small world. Tell them "hi" for me. =)